Tanita Tikaram @ W-Festival in Frankfurt am Main

Tanita Tikaram W-Festival FrankfurtIm Rahmen des W-Festivals (Women of the World 2016) treten in Frankfurt am Main am 24. Mai 2016 in der Alten Oper einige sensationelle Künstler auf. Nämlich Tanita Tikaram in einem sensationellen Konzert. Tickets sind ab jetzt erhältlich. Organisiert wird das W-Festival von der KBK Konzert- und Künstleragentur GmbH.

Offizieller englischer Pressetext (Quelle www.w-festival.de)

Multi million selling British singer-songwriter Tanita Tikaram will be returning with new album ‘Closer To the People’ on 11th March 2016 through earmusic.
Tanita’s distincitve voice and superlative songwriting saw her rise to worldwide acclaim in 1988 when she released debut album ‘Anceint Heart’, which included hits such as ‘Twist In My Sobreity’ and ‘Good Tradition’. With new album ‘Closer To The People’ Tanita stands apart once again with a maverick record that takes influence from her live band who played with Van Morrison and John Martyn, a lifetime of records, as well as contemporary recording ideas that give the music a dynamic sound of their own.
“This record is inspired by the blues sound that I’ve come to love playing with my band. Bobby Irwin, Martin Minning and Matt Radford create a unique groove that is rooted in British rhythm and blues, and soul. I wanted to couple that with the playfulness of contemporary production. The album is called ‘Closer To The People’ as a reflection of our time; we are more aware of our closeness to one another – or how distant a more connected world has made us.” (Tanita Tikaram)
‘Food On My Table’ is the first song to be released from the album and is an avant garde soul track, backed by an evocative black and white video directed by Natacha Horn, where Tanita tells of an aresting love story.


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