Interview mit Silverstein

BM: First congratulations on your latest album that you released last year “Rescue” and are currently on tour promoting. You also most recently released an EP “Short songs” which consisted of short punk tracks and covers. What was the motivation to release the EP earlier this year so soon after the album?

Neil Boshart: Thanks! Yea well the EP has 22 tracks, 11 original, 11 covers. The criteria is based off is the fact that each of them are less than 130 seconds. We did a 7-inch EP on a “store day” promotion with 3 cover songs on it for fun. We liked the idea and wanted to do something like that again so we just came up with the idea to do a bunch of covers and originals as well. Plus we had the free time to do it cause we weren’t on the road so we’re like “yeah let’s just do it!”.

BM: But this EP is all about having fun with your influences from just punk rock?

Neil: Yea exactly! We just wanted to have fun with all kinds of influences though. Its not all punk rock covers that we did, but there’s a Promise Ring song in there too. It’s a good mix between original work and groups we grew up listening to – even an Orchid cover!

BM: Back to your recent album, Rescue. Probably the main thing I noticed from it was that this record takes more of an older harder style to it like your earlier records. Was there a reason to write harder stuff??

Neil: There’s no trick to it really. We just get in a room and jam out some parts that we’ve all brought to the table and it just naturally comes together into complete songs. I personally don’t have any premonition about what things sound like. If you think like that behind hand -you’ll almost always be disappointed in the end after mixing and production.


BM: Why did you name the record “Rescue”? Did this have any kind of special meaning?

Neil: I think the key behind that name is to be straightforward. I guess everyone can relate to that word and everyone can be rescued from something. Plus we’ve always had long titles, but this one is straight to the point and has a lot of meaning behind it.

BM: What’s your favorite song on the album and why?

Neil: Um, I like playing sacrifice and intervention..sometimes we throw it into the mix. They’re both just interesting and fun to play live!

BM: What inspiration do you have in the writing process? When Shane writes the lyrics it’s a lot about heartbreak and love and hardships of life…

Neil: Well Shane writes what he’s feeling at the time and what he’s going through. In the jam scenario, when rehearsing we really just inspire each other. Before that though, it’s just physically picking up the guitar and fiddling with it and seeing what happens haha.

BM: It’s ¾ through your current tour. Would you summarize how you see this tour in comparison to the previous ones? Is it any different this tour compared to others?

Neil: It’s different because were playing different songs from newer albums that we’re stoked about. Its different cause Germany is really coming out of its shell and coming out and seeing us. We couldn’t be more happy that our shows are selling out this time and we’ve never really had that here. We really love Germany, and we’re really happy that people are into our music here.

BM: But I mean, the scene here in Germany is stereotyped to be very metal yet here you guys are- a small band from outside of Toronto, Canada and have been selling out many shows on this part of the tour in Germany. There seems to be a diverse grouping of fans that come out to your shows whether it be more metal heads or 16 year old girls haha.

Neil: Yea exactly! It’s so great that the fans in Germany are coming out more often to enjoy the show. The girls that like the softer stuff come out. The guys that like the hard stuff come out…so you should all just come together haha.

BM: Do you notice a difference in the scene after being together for 12 years. Styles and genres change over the years and what was popular when I was 16 is not really much anymore. But you guys are one of the few bands of your genre that has stuck around and fans have always been supporting.

Neil: Haha we’re almost the only ones that survived from that era! Yea I don’t know why the other bands haven’t been doing so well or not at all and calling it quits. Maybe it’s the work effort, I dunno. I mean we work really hard man…always touring and always writing, always doing something for year and years now. You gotta have that consistency to keep the fans happy and every time you put out something new you end up gaining new fans.

BM: What can people expect from a Silverstein show in 2012?

Neil: Expect us to play a great show! Haha. We’re really tight then we play our songs. Its gonna be loud and its gonna be great and you’ll have a great time.

BM: What are your plans for after this tour?

Neil: We plan on doing some Asian stuff, Australia and New Zealand maybe. Australia is locked in for sure but we’re in the middle of finalizing the other dates and venues right now. Should be awesome!

BM: Do you have any funny stories to tell about this tour?

Neil: What happened in Budapest maybe?! Oh man, we went to a dance party at a place called Rave Cave. It was an open mic night and they had a whole setup on stage. So we got up and horribly butchered a bunch of songs cause we were all a little in the bag at that point. It was real fun! We played An American Nightmare cover with an acoustic guitar! Haha great times.

BM: What do you find to do between shows if you have a day off? Check out any sights?

Neil: Yeah! We were in Rome for the first time the other day! So we checked out the ruins and coliseum and all that good stuff. Here in Munich we’ll go have a couple big mugs at the HB house. Maybe some Augustiner Bräu too- gotta love the Munich beer! And some of us are getting up early to go to Dachau tomorrow. Should be pretty heavy but interesting at the same time. We’re stoked to be here in Munich and can’t wait to be back!

BM: So true! Who can ignore a good Helles when you’re visiting Bavaria for a few days! Thanks for the interview Neil and have fun on the rest of the tour!


Corey O’Meara



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